Cynthia Catchings’ Bio

Cynthia V. Catchings, LCSW, CLYL graduated from the University of Texas Pan-American with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduation, she relocated to Bordeaux, France, where she began work on her Master’s Degree at the University of Bordeaux III, and then returned to the RGV and completed her degree in Clinical Social Work/Mental Health at UTPA.

Her wide-ranging experience includes working as a Case Management Supervisor, a Mental Health Counselor, and a Supervisor II for the Department of Family and Protective Services (Adult Protective Services) responsible for Webb, Zapata, Jim Hogg, and Starr Counties. While in Laredo, TX, she designed and facilitated the first support group for Women Veterans, creating social justice and a wave of change in the way female veterans were served in that area.

She has taught French, Spanish, and English as a second language for over 15 years, enriching the lives of many children, teenagers, and adults. By doing this, she has ensured that the dignity and worth of each person is respected, no matter where they come from.

Cynthia has conducted ethnographic research in over 25 countries including France, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, and India among others; with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) programs being her main targets of study. The importance of human relationships and sharing information is what continues driving her to cross international boundaries to bring back to her community.

Cynthia currently serves as Chair of the RGV Human Trafficking Coalition, and as a member of the NASW-LRGV Steering Committee and the UTRGV Social Work Advisory Committee. She is also a Board Member of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and Board Member of the National Association of Social Workers, Texas Chapter, representing the Valley with integrity all over the State, and Vice-President of Membership of the Border Patrol Agent Family Network, a national organization that benefits BP families all over the country.

Cynthia served as Executive Director at the Family Crisis Center of the RGV, and is very passionate about advocating and fighting for the human condition; mainly, those of people in need. Cynthia also served as the Executive Director of a Collective Impact initiative. The many years of experience she has as a community liaison and counselor have given her the opportunity to learn about and to better assist underserved communities all over the world.

As Executive Director of the Women’s Emotional Wellness Center in McAllen, TX and in Alexandria, VA, it is her commitment to ensure that every person learns how to work together to minimize, and eventually eradicate the problems that affect the communities in our area.

Cynthia Catchings has made significant contributions to the social work profession and the clients she has served. Cynthia has demonstrated that through service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence, she is forging solutions out of challenges.

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